The Italian (Canossian) Convent in Caine Road | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

The Italian (Canossian) Convent in Caine Road

When I was in Hong Kong this month, I met up with Bob Tatz, who was on a book signing trip to HK. Bob and I first met during WW2 in the old Italian Convent, on Caine Road, which was our mutual refuge during the last years of the Japanese Occupation. He is kindly donating all the proceeds from the sale of his memoir (Lost in the Battle for Hong Kong) to the Canossian Sisters. He mentioned to Sister Therese, the current archivist there, that I, too, was in town, and she asked to meet me. She gave me a personal tour of the old Chapel where I had been an altar boy during the War. Alas, the rest of the beautiful old convent has gone, but the Chapel is a registered Monument to be preserved.
Sister Theresa explained that she could handle emails, but that was about the limit of her abilities with the World Wide Web, so she asked if I could find anything of interest for their archives. It occurred to me that Gwulo may well be a great place to start, in our search for relevant info. If any of your members has any info which may be of interest to the Canossians, Sister Theresa would be most grateful to receive it. I will, of course, explore any other nook and cranny I can think of which may help us achieve our aims. Their email address is:
Paul Atroshenko