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07 Nov 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Sun, 7 Nov 1943

I've been in hospital since Monday afternoon. I had "scitters" in the morning and then my temp flared up - over 103 when I got here about 4. But it hasn't been malaria nor dysentery as I have thought more than once it would be. I had a setback on Friday night - up every 2 hours but it was just some yeast I had taken. I have had a terrible chill, my nose, lips and even under my chin have all broken out -I'm in an awful mess! They say I must try and shave - my moustache as well - as the thing - herpes - is spread from hair follicle to the next. So I shall have torture this afternoon.

We got the news on Monday - 7 men shot. Bradley (a San. Inspector), Hall (Lane Crawfords), J.A. Fraser, Rees (Cable & Wireless seconded to Govt), Hyde (HK & S Bank) L.R.Scott (Police) and Waterton (Govt Wireless Engineer). Then when the Teia Maru returns about 600 women children and very sick men are to get away. I believe I shall be included but I'm not banking on it yet. We'll hear very soon. I had intended smuggling this and some other papers out but I am so terrified that I might be caught and then repatriation would be refused for me at least that I'm not going to take the slightest chance.

CheerO just now. All my love. B.