19 Sep 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

19 Sep 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Sun, 19 Sep 1943

I was up seeing Win this afternoon - she'd had a letter from you dated 9/11/42.  It told her of Ken's death (now nearly 2 years ago).  Win had been in hospital for 4 days with malaria - there's quite a lot about the Camp as we can do nothing in the Village or outside the barbed wire and the Japs do nothing or next to nothing.  I hope I escape - we are practically free of mosquitoes in the Indian Quarters, so I'm hopeful.
The Canadians are off this week - lucky people - they sail on the 23rd.  I've been working out a schedule; if the same boat is used the women - and perhaps myself also - should be away by the 10th of December and be free before the end of the year.  Oh! to be free once more - we may get I.R.C. supplies (more food) by the middle of November (say 8 weeks more) and we shall need them.  We are all half-starved but funnily enough we don't feel terribly hungry - at least not all the time. But it is awful as you pass your hands over your body - washing yourself - to feel every bone. I hope I fatten up a little before you see me or else you will have a shock!
 I am feeling all right - and one gets tired doing the smallest thing - no one has any energy.  I am off all Councils and Committees now so I can take my ease.  My blood count keeps up too - I had another injection on the 13th but I had had none since 14th August.  It's no wonder I'm run down - I've been out nearly 5 Years and the longest tour I'd done before was under 4 years; 1922-1925 was the longest.  But when we get good food again we'll soon pick up.  It will be so nice to be free - no lights out at 10 sharp, no queuing up for chow, a clean bed, clean pillows! Sugar and milk in one's tea! - a sharp razor blade (why didn't I bring my electric razor in with me?! - it's lost now.)
I've been reading your letters again - I still haven't got Nos 21-30 (Lin's is dated just what 22 should be so perhaps some of them will come in soon).  Ian says on 10th Jan he hopes to get into the 1st XV (later confirmed) "but I won't get my Colours until next year."  So he'll be back at the Academy this Autumn.  I've been worrying a bit thinking he might be in the Navy already - I suppose he'll stay at school till his 18th birthday.  So if I get away soon I might see him play for the Academy yet - I'd love to. 
I won't write more tonight.       D.O.K. how I'll get this out - the Gendarmerie have been very strict - no written stuff is to be taken out.  They base their rule on what was done in America as regards the Japs being sent in exchange - I see the American point of view - who could read their hieroglyphics and there might be any amount of secret information in it  but letters in English seem so different - but not to the Japs.  I think I'll try to smuggle it out - if not you'll not see this until after I'm back in H.K. and can recover it and send it to you.
              CheerO Darling.        All my love.    Billie.