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05 Aug 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Thu, 5 Aug 1943

One man writing home to try and describe our food situation and yet get past the censor, wrote "We have tiffin at 11am and washup at 5 past."      We have had another meatless day today - but we had 50 lbs of pork  left from yesterday - 50 lbs among 750 people! - so tonight I was washing up at 5.15pm - and I have no more chow till tomorrow.  I had however an egg this morning.  Eggs cost 80 sen each! ie 11 pence each at the exchange we get our allowance. So 20 Y a month, or even 25 as it ought to be doesn't go far.
No more news - still waiting.  No more bombing here either - the rumour is that leaflets were dropped warning Chinese to leave H.K. especially those in the dockyards, and that real bombing is to start in 10 days.  We'll see next Monday - the 9th as the 10 days will be up then.       Cheerio Darling.  B.