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31 Jul 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Sat, 31 Jul 1943

Though Italy does not appear to be out of the war yet it is clear she is nearly finished. We have had raids here 3 days running but yesterday it clouded over and this morning  we had a thunderstorm so they may stay away again today. It is a real tonic to see them.  Of course they do only "slight" damage  according to the HK News and are chased away by AA fire - which so far as we can see is never anywhere near the planes!  They apparently have no planes here to send up and fight them.
I've been busy the last few days finishing up my quarter's accounts as Treasurer for the I.Q. - we started in February so we are always rather out of  step with the calendar but that doesn't matter.  So I am ready for my auditors tomorrow!
  Next room they want to borrow this pen so I'll' shut up for the present.        A.I.A.W.      B.B.