05 Jun 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

05 Jun 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Sat, 5 Jun 1943

A filthy day, driving rain the whole time but we are lucky in a middle room on the middle flat - we are dry.  It's a nuisance however going out to the kitchen or the lav.  I mentioned breaking things up above - I've been terrified always of breaking two things - my glasses and my false teeth.  I did break the latter (or rather Bill Faid did) but I was very lucky and got them mended.  Since then I've broken one tooth off but there is no plaster of paris now so they will just have to remain broken.   If I lost my eye glasses I'd be done!

I'm feeling a lot better these days - I've never got the figures of my last blood count but it was good - over 4,000,000.  I've had a horrid cold the last few days but it's going now. 

CheerOHoney      All my love always    B

Your letter of 9/8/42  No.8 has just arrived.  I've never had 1, 2 or 3 only Nos 4 and 5 and now 6 and 7 are missing too.  Still it's lovely to get a letter from you.  Of course I miss earlier bits - all you say is "Ralph went off again yesterday" - so he's been in Edinburgh too - moths to the flame!  I can't think why you are so anxious to see "Pam" if she is Miss Harrop for I hadn't seen her for months before or during the blitz and only once after it was all over.

I am so glad Joy has been able to start her medical career- I'm pleased my name helped.  It would have been a shame if she had been kept back.  I hope Ian enjoyed his Camp last September - no more camping for me I hope.  This will last the rest of my life - I want comfort from now on!!

I am sorry to hear you had aerial visitors. I hope they keep away. You’ve taken the house for another 6 months – I hope you manage to keep it - I’d like to see you all in it.

Cheerio again Darling.   B.