24 Apr 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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I didn't write any more on Thursday - chow was a little early and then I had a meeting.  Yesterday was Good Friday and we had a holiday from Councils and Committees but I was lazy! -  I went to bed very early last night, had the light out at 10 and was soon asleep.  I haven't been sleeping well lately - it's funny I sleep so much better when it's cold weather. But last night I had a glorious sleep. I wakened - fully slept out - about 6.40 - 9.40pm on Good Friday with you and lay thinking of you till the kettle boiled for tea.  I wonder if you were thinking of me then!

Now for your letter.  He was a wise man that young officer in Joy's office who said you should get right home.  I am so grateful to him and to Weisberg too.  How interesting meeting McElderry and Nihill. It was decent of "Boyd" to cash you a cheque.  So T.D.F. calls now and then - "Be careful Baby!"  

Surely they'll let Joy start her medical course - she was amusing in her letter about Dr Carse, the Physics lecturer.  I hope you were able to get her away for a holiday though Edinburgh air would do you all good too.  You might have tried sending her to Coul at Aberfeldy - even just the two of them if you couldn't leave Grannie.  Joy tells me Norman is "a thing of the past" - jilted her first love!!

You don't tell me how Grannie is - perhaps you have in an earlier letter - I wish I knew.  So Joy and Alastair Batchelor have chummed up again - he's a nice boy I think.

Ian has a busy day - he must enjoy tennis after all the practice he had in Singapore.

I always think of you about 4p.m. - getting up as you say at 7am. You'll have a busy day always I'm sure.  I hope you have a decent daily maid.  I was so glad to read "we have enough of everything."

I have come to the conclusion that Pam is Miss Harrop - I don't know of anyone else who got away to whom I told that I thought you might go to Alice in India.

Joy tells me Reese is in Shetland and she expected him on leave soon.  Is she fond of him? 

Thank Joy for her letter - it was lovely getting it.  We have no news here - we think the African campaign must be over or nearly over now. - that should have a very good effect everywhere.  It is rumoured too that we have captured Pantaleria and landed at Palermo in Sicily.  So perhaps we are making good progress now.

It is lovely weather here now - warm but not hot yet.

All my love       Billie.

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