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18 Apr 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Sun, 18 Apr 1943

Dearest, I seem to choose Sunday for writing these days - no real reason.

Well blood count is up to 3,600,000 - not bad.  I had an injection on Wednesday - they had run out of Hypermore so I got Examen - very good stuff made by Glaxo Laboratories but it doesn't suit me.  I had it done soon after 2 and when it was over I walked up to the C.S.O. for our usual meeting of L.C.   I had to leave very soon, however, - I had what is called a "protein shock" - my face became the colour of beetroot and my eyes were popping out of my head!  It passed off in about 2-3 hours.  I had to have another injection today so he tried a drop or so just under my skin - it was quite clear that there is something in it to which I am allergic.  He didn't want to waste it however! - so I had half at first and lay down for 20 minutes, then the other half and I lay down again.  I felt a bit mouldy but I had very little reaction.  Next time I'm to have Permaemon, the Dutch stuff - not the double strength kind "Forte" - which I bought last October - and I still have one ampoule but the Simplex.  I hope I'm soon o.k. again I feel better and people say I look better.  

Still very little news.  North Africa seems nearly over but there is not much that we hear about elsewhere.  There are rumours of a Jap attack on Australia - I doubt if they could. Repatriation is still talked about but we have rather lost hope.  Food is a little better but soon we'll have none unless a food ship comes.

So we just keep keeping on!    B.