20 Oct 1942, W J Carrie's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

20 Oct 1942, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Tue, 20 Oct 1942

Tues   Well I was chucked out of hospital last Thursday - I'd been in 3 weeks and a day.  I didn't feel quite ready to go but they need the beds badly.  I had another blood count on Saturday - good - count up to 3,050,000 and Haemoglobin 70%.  Then I had an injection of Parnaemon - a very fine Dutch liver extract stuff so I hope to show excellent results next Monday or so.   I have been promised another bottle of Hepetex too so that should do me good.  I got an International Red Cross letter form today and have sent it to Jimmie Blair to try and get news of you.  I am feeling stronger in myself which is all to the good - my back aches a good deal still, however.               Today is Edie's birthday.
  It can't be long now Darling      All my love.   B.