05 Oct 1942, W J Carrie's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

05 Oct 1942, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Mon, 5 Oct 1942

I feel a bit better but the blood count is not so good Haemoglobin is up to 58% but the count is down to 2,180,000.  Drugs that might be helpful are unobtainable - or in some cases beyond my purse! But I'm feeling better so I don't worry.  A ship came in from Lourenco Marques 3 days ago said to have 1000 tons of parcels for prisoners. I wonder if Edith would ever think of sending anything - or perhaps she wouldn't hear about it.  We've had a bit of a typhoon blow since so unloading has no doubt been delayed.  A letter would be better than anything - if it told me where you are.     AMLAML.    B.