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01 Aug 1942, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Sat, 1 Aug 1942

Dearest,       Another month started and we can't see the end yet - it may be a long time yet but still we hope on.  I've started to write separately a synopsis* of our first 6 months (*insert [I never got on with this] above line) - it can only be headings as it's quite impossible to write  here - lack of privacy and really I'm not able to sit up at table for very long at a time.  Glover's going has made things more comfortable here but it has made me much more lonely - if I start to think too much then I can't sleep at night!  I was very depressed yesterday but I'll soon perk up again.  I do wish I could hear from you or about you.  Glover is going to try from Shanghai.  I would give anything to know where you are and how you are faring.  

Cheero just now.      Billie

Christine Ross died two days ago - I arranged everything of course and had a Cadet bearer party.