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15 Mar 1942, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Sun, 15 Mar 1942


I am starting a new page, the ink seems to have gone through the last one.  It is now 15/3/42 and I haven't written therefore for a fortnight.  I couldn't help it and in any case there was practically nothing to write to you about.  But the C.S. came in 2 days ago and today a lot of my Inspectors have come in so we have had stirring times.  I saw the C.S. at once and then he came down last night and told me very confidentially that he did not think Sir Mark Young  would ever return to H.K., so that when the Japs leave he will be O.A.G. and he wants me to be C.S.    He said Butters might protest  but that was nothing to worry about - North he had found quite hopeless and useless.  Well even if it never comes true I am glad that he thinks so  - he said he was struck by the way I had acted all December both before and after the capitulation.  Well I did my best. - now I shall have a lot to think about and discuss and so my brain won't just go to "train oil" as I feared it would!  I am starting in tomorrow to discuss some things with him.

Then the Inspectors' coming in has been interesting.  I hear my car has still escaped - I am not banking on it but perhaps it may remain now.  They have brought me in some valuable things:
- scrubbing brush and a scrubbing board  for clothes
- a hot plate.  I brought in an electric kettle which has been a godsend since we got the electric power on, and this hot plate will be equally useful         
- and some edibles.  I am so glad they were able to get them in. 

Well Darling - I have no proper table and it is tiring writing on one's bed so I'll shut up again.  I hear that evacuees from Singapore  - women and children - have arrived safely in Durban.  I wonder if you are there or whether you went earlier to Dacca.

All my love always.     Billie