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15 Feb 1942, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Sun, 15 Feb 1942

Now 15/2/42 - China New Years Day.  We have just finished the box of Ryvita you left for me - it has been delicious - now we have no biscuits or anything like that but maskee. Surely we'll get a canteen sometime and also money to spend in it.  That is one soothing thought -  I don't know how you are placed bur I  am saving money just now!!  I wish I knew where you are and how you are.  You will see one difference in me - I am completely white now - I have noticed it changing since the war started.  My sinus trouble seems to be all over just when I got some Friars Balsam (through Jean Gittins nee Ho Tung) and got some menthol added to it.  She brought it out from H.K. for me - very good of her.

Dora wants me to write to Bertie who is still in Bowen Road Hospital but I haven't the energy. I may try some day.  Great news today of landings in Holland.  
All my love Darling.      B.