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04 Feb 1942, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Wed, 4 Feb 1942

Joy's birthday and I have no idea where you are in the whole wide world - what a situation!  We were discussing casualties last night - it is so tragic that many wives in Australia won't know yet that their husbands have been killed.  I was just saying that of course you don't know that I'm alive, well and fit - I know you must be worrying terribly but I shall get news through  as soon as I possibly can.  A lot of the Volunteers were killed around here "Rusty" Forsyth, Alexander (also C.A. - Percy Smith's firm), Young Lyon of Jardines - Dr Black too and my old friend "Jimmy" Begg - she was a V.A.D. nurse.  Someone has come in so I must stop.            Cheero.  Darling.      B