22 Dec 1941, W J Carrie's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

22 Dec 1941, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Mon, 22 Dec 1941

8.45am.  News not so good yet we can just carry on.  I'll write later       B.

11.15   Nothing much to do and very quiet today.  We have maintained our positions but we are not pushing them back - still it is said that the Chinese are shelling the Japs in Sham Shui Po so perhaps relief will come quickly  I've never mentioned Betsy -  I thought I'd have to have her destroyed but I brought her here.  She is not getting as good chow as she is accustomed to but she is getting a fair amount. With all the glass lying about that last night and morning and she would follow me everywhere she got a little splinter in one foot.  Coolie got it out next day and so far as we can see there is absolutely nothing wrong with her foot or leg but she will persist on going about on 3 legs - very annoying.

I have a certain amount of organisation and re organisation to do each morning and evening but for the rest of the day there is nothing to do.  I didn't go into town this morning - I'm going to try to stop that now. Cheerio again. Glover is just back with the rations   B.

12.15now!   I wonder all the time what you are hearing and thinking.  I am sure Ian will keep your spirits up.    But I suppose you are all working now - Joy at the wireless - D.O.K. what you'll be doing, or Ian.  I'm glad he got his exam over first - it may be of use later.  I have just had Puckle in seeing me - he is Iron Biscuit's [?Steele-Perkins] successor.  He says they never landed at Repulse Bay but in great strength at North Point and then captured Wongneichong Gap and so on to Repulse Bay and even to Aberdeen.  I hear Timson was trapped in his house on the Repulse Bay Road and either shot or grenaded.  France, lecturer in History has been killed.

Now 5.15p.m.  I had to stop there as some work came in.  I ran into town this afternoon just after 4 to see Macleod at Medical H.Q. - we fixed up some things.  It is so much easier than trying to do it by phone; it was absolutely quiet then and still is.   The roads have been damaged a good deal so it is not always easy to drive.

Did I tell you about my lovely car?  I think I did. It is a Plymouth - at least 30 H.P. - with gear change operated from the steering wheel handle.  I am getting in to it now and it really is a beautifully running car. But it has a much longer wheel base than my Ford V8 and turning is not so easy.  Now more news yet - I must ring up [?W.J.] later. Chow will be on soon. so I'll stop  Darling.  I think of you all day long these days - what a reunion it will be now after all these days.

Goodnight Little Lady.  All my love always    B.