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19 Dec 1941, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Fri, 19 Dec 1941

Sweetheart - I wonder what you're hearing about us - they made a landing on the Island last night.  Kerfoot, one of the lads who came up from Singapore with me last January got a grenade thrown into his Bren carrier from above and he was killed. We have had a much quieter day - probably because they don't know where their own troops are. I am very afraid we won't be able to hold out long.

I went down town this morning again to see the Controller of Transport and to go to the Bank about small money - I drew H 1000 in H 1 notes and 10 cent notes. I went along and saw Bertie at teatime - he is looking pretty well but obviously shaken a good bit. I couldn't do with that bunch of women round me - Dora and Margery of course, Mrs. Mike Turner, Beryl Shipworth (Fair that was) and another woman. I had a cup of tea and promised to cash a cheque for Bertie. It is only 5.30 but dinner is ready so I must run.

Now ten to 7 - all quiet - so we had a walk along the road to the corner - just at Upper Levels Police Station - just beyond Euston. The fire at the A.P.C. installation at North Point is still burning and some house on the upper levels is also on fire.

Dora was of course asking for you and I could only tell her I'd had one wire and had tried to send two. They were talking about N.L who was on the Ulysses - and so I fear was my Christmas parcel. On the 9th she reported she was being bombed half way between here and Singapore. I am afraid she would be sunk. But of course she might have escaped.
Well Honey - I can't write more - I must try and write by day in the future.          Goodnight Loved One.