Mody Road [c.1887- ]

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Named after: Sir Hormusjee Naorojee Mody, a businessman and supporter of the Hong Kong University

Originally a road between Nathan and Chatham Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, later extended east to todays Science Museum Road.


  • 1887: Built as an unnamed path linking Nathan Road and Chatham Road (wikipedia)
  • 1892: The construction of a road south of Inland Lots 525, 574, and 609 was agreed (1892 Public Works Report)
  • 1894: Street finished (about)
  • 1905: Street named (first appearance of Mody Road in the Public Works Report 1905)
  • 1970's: Reclamation of the Hung Hom Bay started and Mody Road was extended further east. This road was named Ching Yee Road (wikipedia)
  • 1982-02-19: The name Ching Yee Road was dropped and the whole road became Mody Road.

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