Imperial Airways

Submitted by Paula R on Sun, 08/18/2019 - 04:52

I'm trying to get hold of a copy of a book......

The Vital Link Hong Kong's First Airline Imperial Airways (Far East) Ltd. 1935 - 1940.

English edition. Author: Ian D. Johnson. Published in 2007 by SoftRepublic Limited, Hong Kong.

ISBN: 978-988-99449-9-5

Can't find it for sale on the internet. Have asked Flow Bookshop in Hong Kong and Mary Martin Books in Singapore but have had no response.

Has anyone got a copy of this book they no longer want/need, or can anyone suggest where I may obtain a copy? Anyone know if the author/his family are contactable?

I'm keen to read this book because my uncle was Manager of Imperial Airways in Hong Kong from early 1937 to 1939/40. He returned to England, UK, in WW2 to join the RAF and sadly lost his life in 1941.

Any suggestions as to how I can obtain a copy of this book would be most welcome. Thanks. I live in England, UK.

I have now sourced this book - from the author himself. Thanks David and Gwulo website for your help.