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Naval Ships visiting Hong Kong

Please can any of the readership inform me whether HMS Hood [sunk by Bismark in 1941] ever visited Hong Kong in the 1930s


Throughout the 1930's HMS Hood was part of the Home Fleet. As far as I can tell, she never visited Hong Kong at any time in her career.

Many thanks for the information. This has resolved an old photograph issue that I had

I have a reference that HMS Hood made a world cruise to "show the flag" to all British Colonies. The World Cruise began on 27 November 1923 and returned to Plymouth on 29 September 1924. She was accompanied by HMS Repulse and 4 cruisers of the D Class.

That is correct, but the closest that they came to HK was Singapore in February 1924, after which they went on to Australia. Hood's log for this period can be read at

Ernle Bradford's book The Mighty Hood remains the best work on this ship for the keener students among us!