Mary ABLONG (née LEUNG, aka Leung Wai Ting) [1891-1940]

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Alias / nickname
Leung Wai Ting
(Day & Month are approximate.)
Birthplace (town, state)
Chung Shan (China?)
Cause of death
Buried at St Michael's Catholic Cemetery in Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Mary was the wife of Arthur John Ablong, and they had at least 4 children: Markus, Nora, Lucy and George. Extended family members also report other children named John, Mary and Frank.

Mary is one of my great grandmothers. I don't have much information about her. If anyone knows anything about her, I would be grateful for any further information!


Update (2018-10-20): I have found more information from the logbooks of St Michael's Catholic Cemetery (Happy Valley, Hong Kong) - thanks to the website and Brian Beesley on how to do this ( via the website. 

Mary Ablong (Leung Wai Ting) - St Michaels Catholic Cemetery.jpg
Mary Ablong (Leung Wai Ting) - St Michaels Catholic Cemetery.jpg, by Vanessaf
The second entry of this page of the logbook states:
Name and surname of deceased: Leung Wai Ting (Mary Ablong)
Date of burial: 13th March, 1940
No. of the grave: 7068
Section: 11
Sex: F
Age: 49 years

This picture was found in my grandmother Lucy Ablong's belongings, together with her father Arthur Ablong's picture. It does not have any writings on the back to identify her name.

Wife of Arthur Ablong picture.JPG
Wife of Arthur Ablong picture.JPG, by Vanessaf

However, one of Arthur's grand-daughters has the exact same set of pictures, and on her copy of Arthur Ablong's picture, at the back, are writings about "Mother" (name of writer unknown), which I think refer to his wife Mary Ablong here:

Died: 11th March 1940
Born: Chung Shan 
Years 45

Arthur Ablong's registration at St Michael's Catholic Cemetery also cross references to grave #7068, which belongs to Leung Wai Ting. Based on all of the above, I believe that Arthur Ablong's wife was Leung Wai Ting (Mary), and it is likely this lady pictured here.

Update (2019-01-05): one of my aunts confirmed that my grandmother Lucy had told her that this lady in the picture was her (Lucy's) mother, so I am pretty confident that this is Mary Leung Wai Ting.

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The Ablong family tree was listed in Appendix 1 of Peter Hall's book " In the Web".  However, no information on Ablong was contained in the book other than the family tree with a description 1. Ablong.   Beatrice d. of ..... Ablong, wife of Arthur James Kew, twin brother of Maude Ahwee

Thank you kindly, goldfinch - indeed, Peter Hall and Barbara Moore both have published books with the Ablong family tree. Great grandmother Mary Ablong (nee Wong) here remains elusive.... I am hoping that the Ablong clan in Australia (who told me the limited amount of info above) may have some additional history about her, but am casting the net to see if there is anything else out there.

Best wishes,Vanessa

I found some new information from the logbooks at St Michael's Catholic Cemetery (Happy Valley, Hong Kong).I believe Great Grandmother is Mary Ablong (Leung Wai Ting).  I've updated the info of her page. I need to find out who "Mary Wong" is then, who is in the published family trees in Peter Hall's book and Barbara Moore's book.

hello annpake, thank you kindly indeed. Yes, that was me over at Find a Grave who posted the information about my great grandmother Mary Ablong. I have now connected back with some of the descendants of her other children, and hope this information will help whomever else might be looking for her info! Thank you again!

Best wishes, Vanessa