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Help with Chinese characters in signature

George Ah Kin ( is my great great great grandfather. I found his Chinese signature in Barbara Moore's book (p.36) in  "Eurasian roots: A story of the life and times of George Ah Kin and Mary Higgins and their descendants.

Can anyone make out the last Chinese character of George Ah Kin's signature please?  Thank you for any help in advance.

The first 3 characters are: 佐治亞.

George = 佐治; Ah = 亞; the last character is important because that would presumably be "Kin", probably translated phonetically when he immigrated to NSW.


George Ah Kin signature.png
George Ah Kin signature.png, by Vanessaf



Hi Vanessaf, it seems that the character is 太 which is pronounced 'Tai' in Cantonese.

Dear C,

Thank you kindly - so the signature says:


I can understand that "佐治" = George. Does "亞太" mean anything in Chinese? Originally, I thought it would be his name "Ah Kin", but this doesn't seem like it.

In George Ah Kin's Persons page (which I created here, another member of the Gwulo community suggested that, since he has a son George Ah Kin junior., George Ah Kin senior here may be trying to sign off as "George Sr."- would that make sense?

Thank you for the help and any insights into this!


Best wishes, Vanessa

Hi Vanessa, please see the other thread: