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Michael Talan Barker Rd

Hi All

I have posted some old photos taken at Barker Rd showing my mum Tania Talan and some other people Based on the houses in the background would anyone know the house number and what happened to the old place. We had to escape around 1965 during a landslide.


Michael Talan

Talan1.jpg, by MJTalan


Talan2.jpg, by MJTalan

Hi Michael

The images were taken from a house called Tantallon on Barker Road. The second image was reversed so I have swapped it round. Sadly all these buildings are long gone. 

View from Tantallon
download.png, by MJTalan

  Here is the location today on Google street view:


Hello Michael

Monia Talan and Lyall Glendinning (my husband's grandfather) were in business together for a short period in 1946/47 and I was wondering whether you had ever hear any mention of Lyall Glendinning over the years?