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Fuk Hing Bridge (復興橋) [1954- ]

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In use
Date Place completed: 
c.1954-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

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I've been having a discussion with gw about whether or not Fuk Hing Bridge in Pak Tam Chung is the same bridge mentioned at the end of Austin Coates' memoir 'Myself a Mandarin'. It seems to tick many of the boxes that would make it one and the same with the exception of Coates' Chinese name (Kao Tze). Sadly, he doesn't seem to list the Chinese characters for his name so if anyone can help ouyt it would be a great help. Also, any suggestions as to where else the bridge (he mentions) might be. 

The bridge appeared in a 1972 kung fu film that became notorious for using some secretly shot scenes of Bruce Lee. It seems that the bridge is now sometimes referred to as Bruce Lee bridge. Unfortunately, I was the cause...



My chinese isn't strong but the fifth line in from the right (below the 北 of 涌潭北 ), there is a line that looks to contain the following name: 高志先生

The word for "Tze" 志 is simplified but I wonder if this could be Austin Coates' Chinese name? 

Are any of the Chinese-literate members of gwulo able to confirm or deny?


Yes, a quick Google search confirms that 高志 is "Coates".

I think you are correct. 高志 先生 is referred in the carving as being from the NT District Office (理民府) and he was responsible for helping to raise funds from the govt to build the bridge. 

Thanks fo the confirmation guys, mystery solved and another little tidbit of history revealed. The bridge is mentioned at the very end of his book "Myself a Mandarin", though not by name, hence the curiosity.