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#87 Praya East (Johnston Road) Inquiry

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here at GWULO and I find this website very informative and educational. I have an inquiry about an old address which I find very difficult to locate

since I always get confused about old Hong Kong map markings (M.L.  and I.L.) versus original street numbers before and after the reclamations

period. I am specifically looking for #87 Praya East (Johnston Road). I've read in this website that the renovated The Woo Cheong Pawn shop (now The Pawn Restaurant) is #60-66 Johnston Road. Will it be safe fo me to assume that #87 Johnston Road was located between Tai Wong St E and Amoy Street?

Thank you for your assistance on my inquiry. Cheers!

Ricky Rueda



Buildings were renumbered a lot. What year were you interested in for No 87?

Thank you Herostratus for your reply. Regarding #87 Praya East (Johnston Road) year, I'd like to narrow it

down to year 1903-1904.


Also, I'd like to inquire if #27, Praya Central and #61, Queen's Road Central points to the correct

address of the Hong Kong Hotel (now Central Building?) in July 1894.


Thank you. Cheers!


On 18th December 1901 No 65 Praya East became No 80-87 Praya East. Therefore in 1903-4 No 87 Praya East would be the corner tenement house on the western side of Burrows Street

Thank you Herostratus for your information regarding the renumbering of streets in 1901. Ricky