25 Dec 1941, Additional notes

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On Christmas Day the enemy bombardment and aerial attacks continued, but the Stanley Guns were able to answer them back. We felt the situation to be difficult but not hopeless, with 2500 men and enough ammunition, food and water.  There were many gallant actions at Stanley by Volunteers - to name only two, the Scottish Platoon at Chung Am Kok, and the men of the first Battery between Prison Road and Fort Road.

in the north, by 6.30 on Christmas Morning the defenders were fighting in O’Brien Street and Wanchai Market.  As the day wore on the enemy drive along the north shore was decisive, and at 3.15 p.m. the defending forces surrendered.

“The Garrison of Hong Kong has surrendered.  All fighting will cease and you will hoist the white flag.  All arms and ammunition will be collected and stored under guard.  Officers in charge of units are responsible for the discipline of their troops.  Officers will retain their revolvers.  Further orders will be set out dealing with dispersal areas.”

At Stanley, the news was not received until 8 o’clock on Christmas night.  The Brigade Commander there would not surrender without written instructions and so Stanley held out until the early hours of Boxing Day, when all forces in the Colony laid down their arms.

((Source - a dramatization of the history of the Hong Kong Volunteers, which was broadcast over Radio Hong Kong on 31st May 1954 as part of the HKVDC Centenary Celebrations))

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