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Wanchai Bars

Hello Folks.  My name is Alan and I was a frequent visitor to Hong Kong courtesy of the Australian Navy.  My first visit to Hong Kong was in 1970 when I was 18 years old.  Wanchai was like Disneyland to me and my friends.  The bars, the girls, it was fantastic.  Over the next 20 years of visiting, I filled up photo albums and now, 47 years later, a lot of them are severly faded and getting worse.  I have a project to scan all my photos and then get them into a Photo book.  Whilst I have a lot of photos, more photos of Wanchai and Kowloon bars would be nice to have.  A friend took me to a bar in Wanchai a little out of the way.  It was called the Blue Sky Bar.  I liked it and went back whenever I could.  If anybody has a photo or photos of this bar, I would really appreciate some copies for my photobook.  Thankyou and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Have a look at http://www.greggirard.com/work/hong-kong-1974-1989-20

A number of exterior views of Bars appear in flikr albums created by American navy sailors who were in Hong Kong on R&R during the 60s and 70s

Some may even appear in the 1960/70s gwulo image-photo galleries


Doug also has some nice pictures: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjzxddQP

Photos of Wanchai bars are rare and sought-after! Not many guys were wandering around down there with a camera-too easy to lose it or leave it behind during a night of drinking. I certainly wish I had taken many more photos than the ones I did in '72.

Did you take slides, or regular photo prints? If you still have the negatives, those are what you want to scan, if possible. My old prints in my photo album are faded and dull, but new scans from the negatives are as bright and fresh as if I took them yesterday.

I'm hoping to see your photos!

Hello Doug.  Thankyou for your comments.  I don't have any negatives anymore.  The majority of my photos are now scanned and on my computer.  I will post appropriate ones to the Gwulo site.