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1952-1960 British cemeteries and army garrisons

My wife Mrs Mary Thorpe , born Sutherland, was brought to H Kong by her parents, Lawrence and Philomena in 1952-3 until 1955-6. Lawrence Sutherland was in the Royal Engineers. There were Patrick and 2 others that died at birth or in infancy here in Hong Kong. We are currently in Kowloon until early 6th December. We are also interested in finding the area that was the former barracks where a Warrant Officer (Staff Sergeant) would have lived with his family. Many thanks Derek


Hi Derek

Check out this thread which has information on burial of military families in Hong Kong.

Hi Derek, please see this for barracks in which officers and men of Royal Engineers were stationed: https://gwulo.com/node/35134 . Do you know which RE unit Mr. Sutherland was in?