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Telegraph Bay Village (hillside part) [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

I remember that one Sunday of 2006 I went to this area with a friend, a lady. I do not remember well what was the main target of our trip, but I remember we ended up somehow on Victoria Rd, and we wanted to reach Cyberport down there. I noticed that there was an open gate in the fencing along Victoria Rd, with a flight of stairs going down through the 'jungle'. There were also abandonned lamp-posts.

I had a tough time convincing my friend that it would be a shortcut (offical reason), considering I was excited to explore what seemed to be remains of a village (non-official reason). Finally she accepted after I promised there would not be stray dogs down there, an easy swearing since on HK Island these were scarce. I must say she had a traumatising experience with stray dogs on Lantau Island during a trek I was not part of...

Anyway, we followed a mix of mud path and stairs, and every now and then there were foundations of former houses. To me it was a trully enthrilling experience, discovering how people used to live a few decades ago in HK. To my friend it was a frigthening experience and considering how relieved she was when we managed to join (I guess) Kong Sin Wan Rd, I made the promise we would stick to 'conventional' trekking paths from now on together. Which meant trips with her and with other friends (all females by the way...) were my 'conventional' treks, while when I was on my own for a weekend I would indulge in my 'cut through the derelict villages in the jungle' trips.

Once again, nothing impraessive there, just that people used to live there and now it has been reclaimed by Nature.

Too bad I am discovering this website this late... for this location, I am obsolutely sure, and Google Street View confirms my memories regarding the access from Victoria Rd. But for other locations on HK Island, I think I will have difficulties recalling the locations. I remember I found one somewhere behind Wong Chuk Hand also, and another one in the same area. Once again, I am talking about foundations of former houses in the forest, not actual villages such as Pok Fu Lam Village...

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I see you visited this area in 2006 - I walked down from Victoria Rd today and there is still a path in remarkably good condition.  Interesting buildings.  A few trees down though so involves a bit of scrambling.  Had to climb a fence to get out at the bottom as someone has padlocked the gate, next to ISF.