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Domei News Agency

Do any of the readers know of the exact address of the Domei News Agency in Hong Kong...whether head office or editorial office in the pre-World War II period? The office closed on 1st December 1941 prior to the Japanese invasion...




The Domei News Agency was suspended at end of August 1938. Their offices were in Holland House, Central.

Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.

Do you have a source regarding the suspension of the Agency in August 1938?

The manager sold out the office of Domei at the end of November 1941 barring one room and evacuated to Macao on 2nd December 1941 as part of the evacuation of Japanese from Hong Kong.

I have two newspaper clippings from the Morning Tribune published in Singapore. (if you agree to the Terms you can read the clippings)

The above is from 1st December 1941

The next one is from 2nd December 1941.


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Five days later (28/08/1938) the Hong Kong Sunday Herald explained that it was a temporary interruption of Domei News Service rather than a ban or suspension after an unlicensed radio set belonging to the Domei News Agency was seized by the PMG and accompanying wireless engineer in a room from the Matsubara Hotel on Ice House Street. It does confirm that Domei had offices at Holland House.

The HK Government had planned to intercept Domei News in the Colony from 1st September 1938 and this was reported in the annual report of the GPO for Hong Kong for the year 1938.