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Admin Building - Central Kwai Chung Park [????- ]

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Old Colonial-style building with verandahs in Central Kwai Chung Park. Now used for park admin, but what was it before?

Photos that show this place



I'd be interested if anyone can inform me of the history of this place. There is a photo on GoogleEarth that mentions it being the former office of the Shui Fong Cattle Ground (and there is a concrete statue of a cow in the park...) but I can't find anything else.

Any ideas anyone?

I found a reference that has a date of 1960 for it and the Chinese name: 瑞峰牛房 which gives a few more hits on the internet.

and a news article:


Email from Alan:

I came to HK in 1971 to build one of the container terminals in Gin Drinkers Bay.....and I traveled to there on Leung Cheung Road.
At the location of the park in your article...there was a road leading down the hill from Leung Cheung Road which I often took to reach my office.

I recall on that hillside...a barn...and dairy cows I believe that the building had something to do with the dairy cows.