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Submitted by Baluba on Mon, 03/27/2017 - 09:41


A friend in Hong Kong recommended I peruse your Gwulo: Old Hong Kong website.

It looks very rich. However,  after I got a temporary pas number (emailed to me by Gwulo) I was unable to use the SEARCH function, I'm not sure why. I would love to be able to use it so perhaps someone can clue me in.

Sincerely, Allen Scheuch



Hi Allen,

I just tried the search and it's working ok here. Please could you let me know how you are using the search, and what problems occur or if there are any error messages so I can understand the problem.

Regards, David

Hi, David,

I just tried it again to no avail: I signed in, then typed in the word "croquet" in the white rectangle at the top right corner, then click on the magnifying glass icon... and got no response - but my cursor abandons its arrow shape as soon as I enter the box so perhaps I'm not registered properly?

Best from Brooklyn, NY,  Allen


Thank you, David,

I guess my failure reflects a lack of basic computer skills!

I did as you suggested and it worked, although not much on croquet came up. I am trying to confirm that a postcard (circa 1910, labelled on the back "Christmas Croquet in Hong Kong") is, in fact, a photo taken in HK. Here is the link to the card I bought on Ebay:…

From a reference  to the Peak Club in your archives, it seems it might have  been taken there, since it's on a hillside and since the Peak Club was founded in 1901 and disbanded in 1941.

What does the image bring to mind?

Best, Allen