Peak Tram Bridge over Kennedy Road [1888- ]

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Bridge over Kennedy Road, was widened in 1958.


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Hong Kong Annual Report 1958, page 222

Hong Kong High Level Tramway. With a lower terminus situated at the lower portion of Garden Road and a Peak terminus at Victoria Gap, this means of transport has provided, almost without interruption for over sixty years, a reliable funicular service. Until motor roads were opened in 1924, it was the only means of transport to the Peak. The cars are operated by a modern electric haulage plant and incorporate safety features which make it possible for a car to come to a halt within eight feet on the steepest part of the track. Passengers are carried to and from the Peak at a rate of approximately 1,000an hour.

Towards the end of the year the Public Works Department cooperated with the company in constructing a temporary diversion bridge over Kennedy Road so that, without interruption to the tramway service, the existing stone bridge could be rebuilt to provide additional head-room and road-width for motorists.