08 Dec 1941, INTERNED - DECEMBER 1941 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

08 Dec 1941, INTERNED - DECEMBER 1941

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Mon, 8 Dec 1941

At 5:30am on Monday, the 8th December, my husband, who was the Hong Kong Airport Manager at that time, was 'phoned informing him that war with Japan was imminent, and that he was to go to the airport at once.

At 7am the Japanese bombed the airport which I could see from our flat, and I felt there and then that I must be a widow, for I could not visualise anyone escaping death in that terrible bombing.  But my husband did survive and stayed there until the Japanese took Kowloon.  (The mainland part of Hong Kong).   He then went over to the island of Hong Kong, where he gave his services to the Auxiliary Transport Service, where he was constantly bombed and shelled.