05 Oct 1945, INTERNED - DECEMBER 1941 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

05 Oct 1945, INTERNED - DECEMBER 1941

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Fri, 5 Oct 1945

((Kathie finishes her account with a look back over the war years:))

Doctors who were prisoners of war themselves, stated that "in all camps the individuals who kept fittest were those who worked hard, and kept themselves cheerful and occupied, while those who sat around grumbling and pitying themselves lost weight and condition rapidly".

I am of an optimistic frame of mind and kept myself going with the thought that in three months time it would all be over!  It didn't matter if it wasn't; I'd just start another three months, and kept this up until the end.  I tried to keep up appearances, and managed to get some telephone wires (covered with hard rubber), from a friend who was in the telephone company.  These were cut into small strips for me to curl my hair.  It was not easy to sleep in them, as it was difficult to find a comfortable position for my head.  Our men shaved every day whatever state the razor was in; those who didn't soon became tramps.

Had it not been for the Atomic Bomb, one and a half million of our men would have died, as the Japanese would have fought to the bitter end.  The Chinese have rather a good saying: "If you get on the tiger, you must be prepared to ride him".  (You have to be able to take the consequences of what you start!)

There are no winners in a war; there is nothing but heartache and tragedy.  I don't hold any grudges against the Japanese; let each one of us be kind to one another and pray for peace in the world.

AUGUST, 1995