Fu House [1952-1989]

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Small triangular shaped building mainly on Ice House Street

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Adjacent to the Bank of Canton Building, Fu House, a 11 storey building redeveloped by Kwong Hing Investment Group (KHI, owned by Fu Tak Lam's family - Fu Tak Lam, Macau's gambling mongul before 1961, Furama Hotel was once KHI's landmark here) in 1952 replaced the old 2 storey building (with a turret design) was erected. The unamed two storey building was there together with the first generation Bank of Canton two storey building in 1920s.
Hongkong Land accquired the Bank of Canton site in 1982 and Fu House in 1987, together with Holland House and Mercantile Bank's site, Hongkong Land combined the above mentioned sites to become the Galleria. 

For information of KHI, please refers to the following link.