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Online application for search of birth/marriage/death records

I'd be interested to know if anyone has been successful with the relatively recent online application facility for records launched by the Births, Marriages and Deaths Office. I've previously only submitted written applications by post, enclosing a bankers draft. My bank has now become very reluctant to perform this clunky process, imposing a £25 fee. Very few staff even know how to do it. My last application for a bankers draft sent by fax from my branch to the International Department of Barclays was lost. The Immigration Dept. in Hong Kong require 9 working days to process the application and one also has to calculate how long the search application will take in the post from the UK to Hong Kong, if you are hoping to collect the result in person. 

This year I decided to attack the 7-Step application process online, but fell at the first step, when I tried to insert my UK mobile number into the boxes which seem only to accept a local Hong Kong phone number - apparently an essential ingredient for completion of the form. The instructions are also murky as to how to save and attach the form (Step 2). For me it's unclear what it is supposed to be attached to.

Is this my incompetence or have other people had difficulties with the seven steps?