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Mortuary services in 1937?

Does anyone know if any mortuary and/or funeral service companies might still exist from the 1930s? I contacted Hong Kong Funeral Home ( advertised as oldest in Hong Kong ) and they said they were not in business that far back. I am trying to find who might have handled a funeral in 1937 and also if they are still in business today. I would also like to know if anyone can tell me the average cost of a burial back then? I have a figure of $1358. and would like to know if this figure was high, low or average for the era.


I remember from a visit to the Kwong Wah museum with David that the Tung Wah group dealt with a lot of funerary arrangements - often helping repatriate bodies & remains back to Mainland China for those who wished to be buried there. It could be worth contacting them...they must have dealt with other companies as well?

Thank you. I have sent an e-mail to Tung Wah Group and I'll post anything pertinent. I have my fingers crossed! 

Hi there,

If you read Chinese, there is a wiki entry out there.  As usual information in Wiki is not 100% accurate, but it gives you some idea.

In the entry there is a pre-WWII section which might give you some idea.   The Wiki entry had left out information for non-Chinese though.  I believe various religious organization would cater such services for their belivers?


This page has a list of current funeral parlours in Hong Kong: This funeral garment company was founded in Guangzhou in 1904. Its Hong Kong store opened in 1938: