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Flickr problems

I am having trouble uploading this URL

Also, the "search on flickr" option give me an error message.



I see the same problem. I'm not sure what the cause is, but will try it again after I've updated this part of the website.

Regards, David

Cannot upload flickr photo:
Access denied error on flickr search

i notice these pictures are set a copyright reserved, so i wonder if that is causing the problem?

It is true that some Flickr users have disabled the downloading of their private photos to the public.

That sounds a likely cause for the problem - the software on Gwulo wants to download the image to make a local copy, so if download is disabled there will be a problem. I'll check to confirm, and also see if we can display some more helpful error message explaining the problem.

A workaround is to use Flickr's "embed" feature to embed a copy into a comment.

The problem described above is about creating new Flickr images.

Thomas has also noticed problems with viewing some existing Flickr images on Gwulo:

Bumped into this while going through random photo:

If you visit that page, instead of the photo you'll see:


The cause is the same - the Flickr user, IsarSteve in this case, has disabled downloading for his photos, so we cannot show the copy here on Gwulo.

In most cases there's no need to do anything. If you want to see the photo you can click the new "View the original image on Flickr." link below the photo on Gwulo, and it'll take you to the relevant Flickr page.

Regards, David