Alice Memorial MATERNITY Hospital - 6a Bonham Rd [1904-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Alice Memorial MATERNITY Hospital - 6a Bonham Rd [1904-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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The Alice Memorial Maternity Hospital Opened.


This hospital~~ is one of the forces for lifting the world into new conceptions, new comprehensions, and a new attitude towards Western skill in the kindly, gentle ministry of woman to woman. It is a small hospital, to be worked by people of large expectations, large wisdom, and large hearts. When the foundation-stone was laid it was intimated that the London Missionary Society had appointed a lady doctor, Dr. Sibree, for special work in the new hospital. Dr. Sibree, who reached Houg Kong in November last, has applied herself with zeal and energy to the study of Chinese in preparation for the duties that will forthwith devolve upon her.

This hospital is built immediately at the rear of the Nethersole Hospital, and is a two-storied building, with accommodation for six patients on the present plan, although, if necessary, twelve beds could be placed in the rooms, and still give ample floor space to each one. On the ground floor are two private wards. The rooms for the matron and two nurses are at the rear of the wards, and store-rooms are also provided, as well as a kitchen, bath and drying rooms and amah’s room.

On the second floor is the main ward, which contains some 900 square feet floor area, and in which it is proposed to place four beds. An operating theatre, lecture room, night nurse’s room, bath room, store room, &c., take up the available space. Taking the hospital all through, it is an admirably constructed building for the purpose it is intended to serve.

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