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David, I found the following birth announcement in a newspaper clipping in the Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 28 February 1910, page 4: "HUTTON POTTS.--On the 3rd Feb., at Errol, Shanghai, the wife of George Hutton Potts, of a son." The 'son' would be Reginald Hutton Potts, middle brother of George (the eldest) and Jack (the youngest). Please note the mention of 'Errol, Shanghai'. I have tried Googling but cannot find any reference to Errol. I am assuming it could also be the name of a residence but have not had any luck locating it.

The name "Errol" is also mentioned in the Harrow School Register 1800-1911, page 567: "POTTS, GEORGE FREDERICK HUTTON ... son of L. H. Potts, Esq., Firby Hall, Bedale. Left 1879. Broker at Shanghai; Hong Kong. Plague medal, 1894; Capt. Hong Kong Volunteer Maxim-gun Corps, 1898-1900; served as transport officer in China expedition, 1900-1 (medal with clasp); Lieut. mounted scouts, 1904. - G.F. Hutton Potts, Esq., Errol, Shanghai, China."

The L.H. Potts is Lipton Hutton Potts - George Frederick's father. Note also the mention of "plague medal, 1894".

The North-China Herald and Supreme Court & Consular Gazette, Volume 79



Very wide interest was evinced in yesterday's wedding of Mr. George F. Hutton-Potts, fifth son of the late Mr. L. Hutton-Potts of Firby Hall, Bedale, Yorkshire, and Mrs. HuttonPotts of Harrow-on-the Hill, to Miss Esm< (Dolly) Stuart Wallace, third daughter of Captain and Mrs. F. H. Wallace of Shanghai. Before the service in the Cathedral the civil marriage was celebrated at H. B. M.'s ConsulateGeneral before Sir Pelham Warren K. C. M. G.

Holy Trinity Cathedral was nicely decorated for the occasion, and long before the appointed honr for the ceremony the seating accommodation in the nave had been fully occupied. There was a large number of ushers including Messrs. C. K. Burkill, B, I. Fearon, F. Fearon, L- C. B. Edmendston, H. Edblad, H. J. Clark, W. C. Murray, R. Carr, L. Midwood, W. Gibson, R. B. Allen, W. G. Piry, and H. R. Boyd. As the congregation was assembling Mr. R. C. W. Pullen, the organist, played Lemmen's, " Triumphal" march, and when the bride appeared, leaning on the arm of her father, he played Wagner's " Tannhauser" march.

The bride, who was attended by six bridesmaids, was attired in a gown of soft white satin, Princess style, with a long white tulle veil, and a wreath of orange blossoms in her hnir. The six bridesmaids were the Misses Gladys Wallace, Buyers, Claude Wallace, Polly Gova, Peggy Benjamin, and Cicely Benjamin. The two first-named wore accordion-pleated white chiffon over white satin, with white hats trimmed with pale pink satin ribbon and small roses, with muffs of white chiffon and pink roses. The four child bridesmaids wore Empire dresses of white muslin, trimmed with pink daisies, and pearl caps with bunches of pink daisies. The bridesmaids also wore gold bangles, the gift of the groom, bearing his and the bride's Christian names and the date.

The bridegroom was attended by Mr James McKie as best man, and Mr. C. R. Burkill, as second groomsman. As soon as the wedding party had arrived in the chancel the hymn "The voice that breathed o'er Eden" was sung by the choir and congregation. The service was conducted by the Dean (the Rev A. J. Walker), assisted by the Rev R. G. Winning. The second hymn was "O Perfect Love," aud during the signing of the register the choir rendered the anthem "They that wait upon

the Lord" (Stainer), and as the brida and bridegroom left the church Mr

Pullen played Mendelssohn's " Wedding


The reception was held at " Erroll," the future residence of Mr. and Mrs Hutton-Potts. Elaborate arrangements had been made for the reception of the large number of guests, and the Town Band played selections of music out side the house. Mr. James MoKie, in an appropriate speech proposed th< health of Mr. and Mrs. Potts and the toast was received with musical honours. The bridegroom proposed the health of the bridesmaids and Mr. 0. R. Burkill replied an their behalf. 'Mr. and Mrs. Potts have gone upoountry until Friday whan they will leave by the O. & O. S. Doric for Japan.

WOW!!!! Thank you Annelise. That is the first information I have seen regarding my grandfather's wedding. I still can't find "Erroll" (Shanghai). I did find a birth announcement for Jack Yuan Hutton Potts being born at 161 Bubbling Well Road, Shanghai.

Excerpt from the North-China Herald & Supreme Court & Consular Gazette, Volume 108: "On August 6, at 161 Bubbling Well Road, Shanghai, the wife of George Hutton Potts, of a son."

When I Googled that address (today) the information that comes up is that it was the home of Elly Kadoorie and his wife Laura (nee Mocatta). Information suggests that she died on the premises in a house fire on 15 February 1919.

Peony Hutton Potts and Rodney Hutton Potts are the twin children of Jack Yuan Hutton Potts (youngest brother of Reginald Hutton Potts and my father George Ronald Hutton Potts) and Antonia Cohen (who also had three other children). The twins were born in 1940 and are my (Joanna Hammond nee Hutton Potts) first cousins.

Thank you for that update. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Peony was a passenger on the Chusan which arrived from Tibury in Hong Kong in late 1962. I have always wondered what happened to her after arriving in Hong Kong.. Could you add anthing more ?. One of the posts I have seen gives the birthdates of the twins as 1935....I cannot find any basis for this and I would think your date is much more reliable

The birth year for Peony and her brother is the one that was provided by their brother David Hutton Potts (my 1st cousin) so I know it is correct. She did make contact with me once last year asking about my father George Ronald Hutton Potts (oldest brother of Reginald Hutton Potts, and son of Geiorge Frederick Cumming Hutton Potts and Esme Wallace) but then I never heard from her again. Unfortunately I have never met her so know almost nothing about her. If you are able to contact her brother David he would be the one to provide more information.

A real lady of mystery. As far as I know she disappeared from HK sometime post 1962 to places unknown. Was there any indication as to where she was when there was contact?.

In all of this family history on Gwulo, there has been reference to a Hutton Potts family in Sydney, presumbaly relations


Yes, I was on the Chusan from the UK to was a great voyage and I am still in touch with a few people who were fellow sailors.

One of the memorable things about it was that we sailed through the Cuban missle crisiswithout knowing that it was happening. No mention as I recall about it in the daily ship's news paper   


Weather good, sea always calm. Apart from the missed crisis can't recall very much more..  Suez canal, Bombay, Singapore and then HK. Great number of fellow sailors of the sme age all returning to the Far East or en route back to Australia and NZ. Lazy days at sea........would do it again rather than fly

Yes there are Hutton Potts in Australia and the United States descendants two of Lipton Hutton Potts' 7 sons (12 children in all, 5 girls and 7 boys) - my cousins with whom I am in contact. 

I would like to know; What is your interest in my family?