RBL 34, 1,2 & 3 Gough Hill. 292, 293 & 294 The Peak, 103, 104 & 104A The Peak [c.1888-c.1923]

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RBL 34 was said to be occupied by three unnamed houses in 1889 (www.gwulo.com/atom/13259) They must have been built earlier, so I've chosen 1888 as the construction date.

The 1909 map (www.gwulo.com/atom/14774) shows one detached and a pair of semi-detached houses at the site and labels them 1 (detached), 2 & 3 (semis) Gough Hill, also 103 (detached) and 104 & 104A (semis) The Peak.

The 1912 map (www.gwulo.com/atom/21978) shows the same arrangement on RBL 34, but the numbers of the individual houses are illegible.

The 1924 map (www.gwulo.com/atom/13017) again shows the same "footprint" and gives the addresses as  1,2 & 3 Gough Hill, 292, 293 & 294 The Peak.

Before 1932 the site was redeveloped into the Gough Hill Quarters. I've chosen  the midpoint between 1924 and 1932 as the approximate year of demolition. Corrections welcome.

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Hi Herostratus,

Thanks for your comments, the only one of which I would question is whether No.'s 2&3 Gough Hill, aka Gough Hill Quarters, was replaced by Villa Rosa in 1959. This photo, dated 1967, shows the Quarters still standing.

Hong Kong - Homes on Victoria Peak
Hong Kong - Homes on Victoria Peak, by roger4336

 I've just found out that construction of the Quarters started in 1923, meaning that demolition of the building that previously occupied their site (also called No.2&3 Gough Hill) must have been in 1923 at the latest. The demolition date given above has been updated - but refers only to the initial building known as No. 2&3 Gough Hill.

Apologies if I'm confusing when trying to record the development of various buildings on different parts of the same RBL at different times. 



Gough Hill Quarters were not built on the site of 2&3 Gough Hill Road, they were built to the West-North-West of the original buildings. From c1925-1955 both 2&3 Gough Hill Road and Gough Hill Quarters existed before 2&3 Gough hill Road were replaced by Villa Rosa in the late 1950s 

Hope this is clearer than my original post.


Hi Herostratus,

Thanks for your further comments. I understand now. "At last", I hear you sigh! The following pic shows the two buildings, Gough Hill No.2&3 (the furthest building to the left in the photo, it breaks the ridgeline) and the Gough Hill Quarters (slightly to the right and higher, with the 6 dark, oblong, windows), thus confirming your point that they occupied different sites.

Glasbhinn - Also known as 363 The Peak, and 28 Severn Road
Glasbhinn - Also known as 363 The Peak, and 28 Severn Road, by Jennifer Lang

David - please can you remove Gough Hill Quarters from the "timeline" for this "place". Sorry, I don't know how to. Thanks.