Weekend Tour to Humen, Feb '09 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Weekend Tour to Humen, Feb '09

Happy New Year to you all.

For anyone that may be interesed, A local war historian called Martin Heyes is putting together a weekend trip over the boarded to Humen to look at the old forts and where the Chinese burnt and distroyed the Opium leading into the Opium wars.

Please see what Martin has planned :
Dear All,
The Branch is organizing a trip to the Qing Dynasty Bogue Forts in the Pearl River Delta which defended the Naval gateway to Canton at the time of the Opium Wars. The trip is scheduled for the weekend of 21st and 22nd February with an overnight stay in Guangzhou. The proposed itinerary is:


Early start depart HKG Ferry to Humen, Dongguan City

Visit Opium War Museum and Lin Zexu Memorial in Humen and then to Bogue Forts

Overnight in Guangzhou


Visit Whampoa Military Academy, the cemetery on Dane's Island (19C European graves) and Shameen island

Return to HKG

Subject to numbers attending a cost will be calculated to include transport and accommodation.

At this stage we are looking for firm expressions of interest of those who would like to attend. Non members are welcome.

 Anyone expressing an interesed then please drop Martin a line at: Martin.heyes@gmail.com