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Pillbox (PB33), Tung Ah Pui, Shek O



Pillbox, Tung Ah Pui, Shek O

Inside Pillbox, Tung Ah Pui, Shek O















I found this Pillbox along the coastline on the Shek O peninsular, near Tung Ah Pui village.

 There was another one further around the corner at Tung Ah village that looked converted into a house or shed.

 I also stumbled across these photos of a Pillbox (PB33a), at a great site full of old HK photos (Webshots.com)


 The photos show an old Pillbox again on the Shek O peninsular,  Cape D’Aguilar Rd, near Hok Tsui lower village.

Approx: 22°12'38.96"N 114°14'29.65"E

It looks quite a big one. Unfortunately I can’t copy the photos off the web site for you.

 I’ll also post some other photos that I found while trawling through my computer of various things.

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Just to clarify, the two photos above show LL 32 at the southern end of Tung Ah Pui Village. PB 32 is just below and to the left.