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Deutscher Klub


I learned, that in 1927 there was a German Tennis Club in Kowloon (Deutscher Tennis Klub) and in 1931 there was another German Club (Deutscher Klub) at Butterfield and Swire Building 4th. Floor.

Did Hong Kong had two (2) German Clubs (Deutscher Klub) at that time ? And how about the Club Germania which was established long time ago with the first Generation Building on Wyndham Street ?

Would appreciate, if somebody can help me out with my questions

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Hi Daniel, for the "Deutsche Tennis-Klub", founded 1927, in Kowloon:

In spring 1931 a German Club opened at top floor in the building next to Butterfield & Swire (House 2) at Connaught Road/Chater Road Central; this building connecting both roads. The older Tennis-Klub became the new Club´s subdivision. The Club was closed with the outbreak of the war 1939.

worth reading: W. Sporleder: Hong Kong - Zu meiner Zeit, 1928-1939

Thank you very much for your information Christoph.

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