How to create an image gallery? | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

How to create an image gallery?


Can anyone give me step by step instructions on creating a gallery, or placeing already uploaded pictures into a gallery?




Hi Douglas,

I have to use the administration tools to create the gallery, but then you can add photos to the gallery as you upload them, or at a later time. Only the person who uploaded the photo can put it into a gallery.

If that will do what you need, please let me know the name you'd like to call the gallery and I'll create it for you.

Regards, David

Hello David,

What I had in mind was an image gallery named "Hong Kong Art" or perhaps broken down into "Hong Kong Post War Art" or even "Douglas Bland Art" to upload some of the government publications containing his pictures. They may also fit into "1960's Hong Kong" or "1970's Hong Kong", but I cannot find a "1960's Hong Kong" gallery at present, and these categories seem a bit broad; to put scans of publications instead of photos of Hong Kong into them might be incongruous.

It seems appropos given the art fairs going on now to put up some art from old Hong Kong?

I've made a gallery called "Douglas Bland Art".

You can visit the pages for the pictures you've previously uploaded and click "Edit". Scroll down til you reach Gallery, then choose "Douglas Bland Art" from the drop-down list.

Remember to click the "Finish" button to save your changes.

Let me know if you run in to any problems,

Regards, David