Asking the permission of using picture

Submitted by hectorchan on Sun, 03/15/2015 - 22:08

Dear David,

Hi, my name is Hector, I have own a page about design stuffs. I'm going to write an architect name Gio Ponti, which have an architecture project in Hong Kong at 60s. It is now Prestige Tower at TST. I found you have a poster (attached picture) with the original name "Shui Hing House" and also with Ponti's name there. So I would like to have your permission to let me post this picture in my article. It will be grateful if you can let me use it, and I will credit in the article, like other articles I have done before.
Here is my page URL, I have updated it quite slow and every article is quite short....anyway please take a look.
Looking forward to your reply, Thank you very much.