Leonardo Horacio D´ALMADA E CASTRO (aka Leo) [1904-1996] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Leonardo Horacio D´ALMADA E CASTRO (aka Leo) [1904-1996]

Leonardo Horacio
D´Almada e Castro
Alias / nickname: 
c.1904-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
c.1996-12-31 (Month, Day are approximate)

Extract from BAAG report dated 27 July 1945 - Escape of Hon. Leo D´Almada e Castro, jnr,  

"In late March 1945 BAAG source reported that subject, who is a barrister, was a member of a committee which had been formed spontaneously in Macao to discuss certain matters which are also of interest to the Colonial Office.

As a result of discussions in Kunming with a representative of the Colonial Office, a message was sent in to Macao to enquire whether subject was willing to be brought out from Macao to accept employment under the Colonial Office.

In the midle of May, OC Yanping Office reported that subject had agreed to the proposal provided he could be accompanied by his wife.  This raised certain problems and the matter was again referred to the Colonial Office.

In the middle of June, operational considerations arose which made it necessaary for OC Yanping Post either to give the executive order for subject and wife to be rescued at once, or to run the risk of considerable delay.  He decided thaat they should leave Macao immediately, and made the necessary arrangements.

On 11 June, therefore, subject met a BAAG agent at a pre-arranged rendezvous in Macao.  He was given instructions about clothing, money, etc. and another rendezvous was appointed for the following day.  At this second meeting D`Almada met General Wong Kau and General Chan Tat Sung, two Chinesse with nominal puppet connections whose real sympathies are with the Allies.  Wong Kau was said to have been instrumental in arranging the escape to Free China of the four American airman who passed through Macao in Jan 45.

At 0100 hours on 13 July 1945, subject and wife proceeded to a pre-arranged rendezvoius where they changed into Chinese clothes which had been procured for them.  They were then driven in a motor-car to the pier in the Inner Harbour.  In the car, in addition to a BAAG agent and the driver, was a member of the Macao Police named Peters.  Subject had been told that the streets near the pier would have been cleared by the Macao Police, and this appeared to have been well done.

At the pier, subject, wife and a BAAG agent boarded a motor-boat.  The boat sailed at 2 AM and first went alongside a Puppet Customs hulk for clearance.  This was effected quickly and no examination was made.  The boat proceed upriver and at 0400 hrs the party transhipped to a powered junk carrying 15 armed men and machine guns.  The journey was made partly by boat and partly on foot, and the party reached BAAG Post, Yanping, on the afternoon of 15 July.  There the BAAG agent handed over the party to a BAAG guide and they left for Nanning on 17 July. ... ..."


Extract from statement by D`Almada, dated July 1945.

"On 11th June, Monday, I met "YC" at Dr Eddie Gosano´s by arrangment with Reeves.  "YC" told me what we needed in the way of Chinese clothes, how much baggage we could carry etc, and told us to take along CN$ 50,000 for pocket and emergency expenses.  He asked me to meet him at another rendezvous on the following day.

I did so, and was introduced to General Wong Ka, General (?) Chaan Tat Sung and a Mr Ma, a member of "YC´s" organisation, who acted as interpreter.

"YC" told me that though WK and CTS were nominally puppets (CTS might have been a guerilla and not a puppet, I´m not sure) their sympathies were with the Allies, and that they were helping to get us out.  He added that WK had been insrumental in getting out the four American airmen that had been smuggled into Macao.

"YC" asked me to tell McEwan and Ride of the services of WK, CTS and one Chan Mun (a doctor?), and to suggest that a gift  (say a machine gun) be made to WK. 

 Our luggage was sent to Dr Gosano and collected there by "YC"s men.  At 1 am on the 13th we called at one Fung´s house where we met YC.  There we changed into Chinese clothes.  

Shortly after, Ma came in a car and drove us to a pier.  In the car was a man called Peters, who I was told was a member of the Macao police.  I was told that the road for some distance on either side of the pier would be cleared of people with the assistance of the Macao police.  This appears to have been done.  (YC or Ma told me that they had always got on well with this body and asked me to mention it when I was out).

At the pier we boarded a motor boat which I believe belonged to the WCW Customs.  This boat sailed at 2 am. ... ...".


YC would be Liang Yun-cheong (code name PL) leader of the BAAG Macao Team.  

Dr. Gosano was formerly the leader of the BAAG Macao Team.

Ma would be Nelson MA Nai-kwong (No.71 and code named NITRAM).  

Fung would be Fung Bei who was part of the BAAG Team in Macao.

I understand D'Almada was being estracted to participate in the Planning Group in the UK for the return to HK after the Japanese surrendered.  Members of the BAAG were reluctant to leave their posts to participate in that return of sovereignty planning group which was not the intent and purpose of the BAAG.

I would speculate that the involvement of Bill Chong (No.50) would be escorting the party from Samfou (Post of BAAG Forward Area 2) to the BAAG HQ.

The first Portuguese barrister to take silk in Hong Kong, he had been appointed to the Legislative Council when he was just thirty-tow years old.  This article on Club Lusitano's website has much more information.   http://www.clublusitano.com/leonardo-dalmada-e-castro-cbe-qc-lld-1904-1996/