Bricklayers Arms

Submitted by richardb on Sun, 03/08/2015 - 09:41

Greetings to all Gwulo folk

My Brother, Mike Beazley, was with HSBC in HK from 1970 to 1986

He now lives in New Zealand, and is reviving his diaries .... he found an entry where he ws meeting me and my Chinese girlfriend at the Bricklayers Arms in1983,.

My only memory is of a pub in Causeway Bay not far from the Excelsior Hotel, Patterson street ?

can anyone advise ?

There are Bricklayers Arms all round the world if you google it, but not Hong Kong !

Ofcourse 1983 was pre internet days !

A pint on offer for the first correct response !

Hi there,

I had been living in Paterson Street n the mentioned period of time (a bit longer actually) but I could not recall any bar/pub there. Restaurants and Cafe, yes, but bar/pub, really not quite.

Maybe somewhere along Cannon Street/Jaffe Road, near the President Cinema?



Thanks for that - you may well be correct. I was here in '72 when the first "British" pub opened... the Bull and Bear...and my memory is pretty good... but I am amazed that when I google "Bricklayers arms Hong Kong" Nothing comes up !

Still hoping someone remembers it, as my brother put it in his diary at the time... unless he was drunk !

I knew Mike well. Good squash player who played for my darts team, originally called The Pits but renamed Phoenix in the early 1980s in the hope that we would rise from the ashes! The Shakespeare was a small pub and a darts league venue at that time. Feel free to email me for more info and give my best to Mike. I still live in HK.