Man Sze Cheung Yuen, Tai Po [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Man Sze Cheung Yuen, Tai Po [????- ]

This private building in Tai Po is a bit of an enigma. Built in 1955 it is situated on the main thoroughfare in the old part of town, Kwong Fuk Road. It has a large amount of private land, part courtyard part garden behind its imposing walls, which is quite uncommon for private buildings 

If anybody can shed some light on its ownership or history it would be interesting to hear. I have been past on the bus a couple of times and on one occasion saw some uniformed children playing there, so perhaps it is now a private school or hostel or some sort of childrens home?

Pete Spurrier was intrigued enough to mention it in his "Leisurely Hikers Guide to HK" (great book by the way) but could not offer up any new information on it.