#55 Yen Chow Street﹐ Shamshuipo [1932- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

#55 Yen Chow Street﹐ Shamshuipo [1932- ]

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Happened to walk by yesterday and took 2 pictures of it because of its particular appearance.  I did some research just now and discovered that it is indeed a historic building. 

Historic Building Appraisal:

" ....built ....in Neo-Classical character......Giant square columns rise up the full height of the façade and terminate below the projecting eaves in Corinthian capitals. The front verandahs each have a short column on either side with Ionic Order voluted capitals. Pierced grille patterned balustrades are built between the columns. The staircase entrance has a small porch formed with Ionic columns supporting a simple entablature and arched pediment or fanlight filled with a metal decorative grille. Internally the originally wooden staircase can still be seen and also some original doors.... (Source: http://www.aab.gov.hk/historicbuilding/en/161_Appraisal_En.pdf)

Link to photos: http://www.aab.gov.hk/historicbuilding/photo/161_Photo.pdf

Link to Chinese description of Yen Chou St in Wikipedia (scroll to bottom for a photo of the building):  https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%AC%BD%E5%B7%9E%E8%A1%97#/media/File:51...

Thank you tngan and pk.  Your photo shows an interesting feature about Numer 55 - the building with its facade recessed relative to the bigger building #57-63 to the right (north).  From street level, it looks like its supports are tied to the shophouse and the bigger building, though I am sure this is not the case.

The GeoInfo Map shows, in other blocks in the area, there was (and still is for some), a service lane.  I believe there was once a service lane running along the north side of #53.  If true, it was a factor how the area was re-developed.   The difference in floor elevation and #55's unique frontage suggest that they were built at different times.  But the service lane alone was not wide enough, so I wonder about the logistics of the re-developments.   Regards,  Peter    

I've been hearing some rumours recently that these two buildings are scheduled for redevelopment in the near future.